4 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Replace Your Carpet

New carpet is an investment, which is why many people are content to settle with dingy-looking carpet for much longer than they should. You might think your carpet is holding up just fine…but is it truly? Here are four tell-tale signs that it’s time to replace the carpet in your home.

  1. It’s at least 10 years old
    Even the most well-maintained carpets will start to show their age after about 10 years. In addition to the normal wear and tear of daily use as well as color fading, the carpet padding underneath will also start to wear down, which will further decrease the quality of your carpet.
  2. “Dingy” is the only way to describe your carpet
    Life happens—carpet stains are proof of that. And while spot cleaning will remove immediate spills, over time, these stains start to contribute to the dinginess quotient of your carpet. Factor in that most dirt settles deep into carpet fibers and you have yourself a recipe for faded, lifeless carpet. It’s something you may not even really notice because you see your carpet every day. But take a good hard look—if your carpet is looking particularly “meh” and no amount of deep cleaning will help, then it might be time for a carpet replacement.
  3. There’s a funky smell in the house…and it’s not the trash
    Carpet absorbs bacteria-causing smells as efficiently as it absorbs dirt. While a professional carpet cleaner can easily get rid of funky smells emanating from your carpet, if you still notice a stench, then it could have been absorbed into the carpet padding or even the subfloor. Unfortunately, as this point you have no choice but to replace your carpet.
  4. Despite your best efforts, your allergies keep acting up
    Air purifiers, oxidizing plants, regular vacuuming…keeping your home hypoallergenic requires effort. But even if you do all of these things and your allergies are still acting, your carpet might be to blame. Worst case scenario, mold and mildew have formed beneath the carpet and your only option is to remove it.

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