KC Downtowners


Honors: Carlos Perez

KC playwright’s transgender stage drama, In Hyding, makes world premiere in Detroit. Transgenderism is more mainstream than ever in 2015, if only because of unprecedented media coverage surrounding the transition of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner. Local writer Carlos Perez stands to benefit from the trend with his new transgender stage drama, In Hyding, although […]

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Artist Pages: Art Miller – “Transformed”

“In recent years, I’ve noticed an odd marriage (both metaphysical and substantive) between America’s Christian churches and American commerce. Structures originally designed and built as commercial buildings—retail, office, and industrial—are increasingly re-purposed and transformed into church sanctuaries. Additionally, existing church steeples may now be transformed into functioning cell towers, or sometimes, cell towers, fabricated in […]

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Great Drawing Techniques To Try at The Big Draw

Most people have heard of M.C. Escher and are familiar with his mind bending photo-realistic drawings and prints. However this is far from the only style of drawing. Pablo Picasso sometimes used a technique called “blind contour” where a line drawing is created by following the contours of the subject, but not looking at the paper. Kansas artist Elizabeth “Grandma” […]

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WaterFire 2015 Schedule

Start your evening with pre-show music from 6:30-7 provided by The Kansas City Academy Jazz Band. At 7 PM , Kansas City’s Mayor Pro Tem – Scott Wagner will kick off the evening and lead the torch processional to light the braziers on Brush Creek. Join Quixotic, Djampa, Rhythmic Flames, Trio Forte and StoneLion Puppets […]

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