KC Downtowners


Rethinking African Art

Reinstalled galleries at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art add light, color, motion–and context. Countering the media’s focus on negative news, from AIDS and Ebola to migrant shipwrecks and the atrocities of Boko Haram, the African art galleries at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art provide a place to get a fuller, more accurate picture of African […]

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The Most Interested Man in Kansas City

Science, art, technology, history, space. Bill Ashworth wants to know about everything. If  you’re curious, there are many things that Bill Ashworth wants you to know. But here’s the main thing: Learning is fun. That optimistic aphorism is more than a casual one to Ashworth and his devoted admirers, who delight in the local educator’s […]

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Dream Studio

Painter Warren Rosser designs the perfect space. As a young man in the early ‘70s, Warren Rosser traveled from his home in Wales to London, to see an exhibition of American Abstract Expressionist paintings, an experience so profound it prompted Rosser to make another journey. In 1972, Rosser left the United Kingdom for Kansas City, […]

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Adam Cvijanovic: Loss and Decay Mingle With Hope

The Brooklyn-Based artist draws from History to comment on the present in his exhibit of dramatic, mural-scaled paintings at the Kemper Museum. Good art communicates on multiple levels and rewards multiple visits. Such is the case with “American Montage”, an outstanding 15-year retrospective of Brooklyn-based artist Adam Cvijanovic  at the  Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art,  […]

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