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Performing Arts Experiences Make the Perfect Gift

When searching for the elusive gift for that special someone this holiday season, understanding the “experience economy” can ease pressure in the decision-making process. Influenced by Millennials and almost equally impacted by Baby Boomers, this new economic concept changes gift-giving practices for most people. An experienced economy exists when an individual’s happiness revolves around creating […]

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“Intimate Riot,” Rocky and Gabriella Mountain Gallery, Central Library

Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, published in 1865, enjoys a longstanding relationship with the visual arts—ranging from the John Tenniel’s best-known illustrations, to Salvador Dalí’s 1969 version, to Tate Liverpool’s 2011-12 exhibition titled Alice in Wonderland through the Visual Arts. So, it is most fitting that the Kansas City Public Library’s inaugural Great […]

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Last Glance: Seeking Change and Transformation

With Fathomers, Stacy Switzer carries the Grant Arts mission forward. The closing of Grand Arts, the cutting-edge project space founded 20 years ago by Margaret Silva and Sean Kelley, sets some talented people in play. Foremost among them is artistic director Stacy Switzer, the gallery’s intellectual driver for the past 11 years. Since 2013, when […]

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