All In the Family

A brother and sister act at Kansas City Rep

The reviews are in and first-time actor Mikhail McIntosh said his on-stage experience in the Fine Arts Showcase
at the Rep was “very much a ten … or an eleven.”

Mikhail appeared in a variety of roles, and about one, he said, “I played a young man, a host of a show, like Ryan Seacrest. I loved it because it was fun being on the real stage, communicating with other people.”

Plus, he said, he got lots of laughs and lots of applause.

Sharing the stage as a performer and a playwright was Mikhail’s sister Makayla who could easily be called a Shakespeare enthusiast. After developing a taste for Shakespeare through the Rep/DeLaSalle drama club’s presentation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Makayla and friend Brittany Penn won scholarships to the Heart of America Shakespeare Camp last year. And in dense summer heat, Makayla once again took a star turn as Queen of the Fairies in the camp’s summer performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“It was a really good experience. I learned techniques I didn’t know during school,” she said. “I liked how it related to everyday life, but in a different language.”

Of course, the Queen made her entrance in a perfectly-queenly gown. “We got to create our own costumes,” Makayla said enthusiastically. “I was in a very chic dress … purple with diamonds on it and sheer long sleeves. I had a really big wig.”

Brother Mikhail was in the audience, experiencing Shakespeare and watching his sister. Two times.

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