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What aspiring authors need to know… For Kansas City scribes with dreams of writing and publishing a book, to paraphrase Charles Dickens, these may well be “the best of times


Film Screening and Q&A: The Gospel According to Glenn North

Thursday, February 23, 2017 Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art 5:00 p.m. cash bar, 6:00 p.m. | FREE Director Harold Smith’s documentary The Gospel According to Glenn North explores 18th & Vine Poet Laureate Glenn North’s unique poetic blend of jazz, blues, religion, black history, and social commentary. Join us for this debut screening, followed by […]

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Harmony on the Vine (Spill Paint Not Blood)

The myth of race has supported the horrors of slavery, apartheid, segregation, eugenics, and the Holocaust. It continues to support racism. We simply cannot ignore the harm this myth has caused… The scientific, democratic, and ethical goal should be to eliminate the false idea of race completely. – John L. Hodge In these times of […]

The Bronco: A Ride for Writers

It seemed as though they were hitchhiking, or standing out on the sidewalk to be rescued; perhaps it was I who needed help, who had called on them, the dozens and dozens of poets over time I transported in my 1987 Ford Bronco.  No one died.  No one got left behind.  As host to writers […]

C.W. Gusewelle: An Appreciation

“In the regrettable chronology of lives, devotion can be the prelude to sorrow.” Charles W. Gusewelle wrote that line in a 2015 column when his beloved cat, Mickey, died. Now the quote seems apt for all the followers of his column in “The Kansas City Star” for the past 60 years and the 21-some books […]

Books 2016: Steve Paul’s Picks

I’ve always seen books as one of the only tangible gifts worth giving. So I thought I might make some recommendations for the holidays. No one asked, but since I’ve spent quite a bit time as a book critic over the years, I thought I’d toss out some of the most interesting reads I had […]

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