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“Maja Godlewska: On the Basis of Encounters,” Greenlease Gallery, Rockhurst University

It’s a tangled, twisting tale Maja Godlewska tells in the paintings of her exhibition at Rockhurst University’s Greenlease Gallery. Punctuated with bursts of tropical heat and eruptions of fire, water, and plant life, it’s a story that banishes the wintry blasts outside. Come in from the cold and let these abstract representations of landscapes strange […]

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“Sid Garrison: Backstory,” Kiosk Gallery

Sid Garrison normally avoids generic labels for his images. But when one recent viewer described them as “Colored-Pencil Paintings,” Garrison accepted the description.  Even though the word “painting” for most of us usually denotes brushes and the application of pigments, Garrison’s use of pencils is perfectly appropriate. He uses them to apply their hues to […]

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“Tangled Roots,” InterUrban Arthouse

Roots of the past and expectations for the future interweave with our complex present in “Tangled Roots,” a multimedia group show at InterUrban Arthouse. For six weeks, more than four dozen visual artists, writers, performers, and social activists have come together for a conversation about discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender and socio-economics.  The August […]

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