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2017-18 Conservatory Artist Series

The 2017 – 18 academic year brings the exciting Conservatory Artist Series to the UMKC Campus, Folly Theater, and the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. The Conservatory Orchestra kicks


Can You Live in Shatner’s World?

According to William Shatner, to live in his world, “you must be a forgiving soul and a trained athlete.” Forgiving because in giving and receiving preposterous comments, you can’t take things too seriously. A trained athlete because you must have stamina to always look forward, go forward and keep moving forward. Genuinely talented, Shatner’s World […]

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‘What Surrounds Us’

Start with the view. Pick a pretty day — sun out, slight breeze, temperatures mild — and there are few more pleasant places to while away an hour or two than the downtown Central Library’s Rooftop Terrace. Five stories up, you’re surrounded by skyline. The landmark, brick and brownstone New York Life building looms to the north. To the east, buildings that once housed such swanky shopping establishments as Harzfeld’s and Pecks line Petticoat Lane.

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