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On Display at the Library

Texans being Texans and mightily secure in their belief that everything bigger and better emanates from the Lone Star State, it figures that folks there would chafe at Michael Grauer’s


Beyond the Jazz and BBQ: The People’s Journey

Last year, 162,062 visitors walked through the doors of the American Jazz Museum. Some visitors were here to see Spectrum, an innovative and powerful exhibition featuring artist Juliette Hemingway, who finds her inspiration in music and autism awareness. Other jazz pilgrims went straight to Charlie Parker’s plastic saxophone. Still others came to work on a […]

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KC Downtowners

Imagination and Artistry Soars at the Conservatory

In a city with abundant dance opportunities, the dance faculty at the Conservatory pride themselves on producing motivated and advanced students who perform throughout their student careers and are ready to join professional companies after graduation. Students have performed the Kansas City Ballet’s Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet and Firebird, the Nutcracker tour with Albany Berkshire Ballet, Setting the Stage with Friends of Alvin Ailey and more.

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Eugene Richards: The Run of Time

We live in an age in which facts have become suspect, and attention spans have eroded. We consume the majority of our news through television and online media sources that skew toward confirmation bias and clickbait rather than genuine, shared concerns. We often hear about complicated social issues — in broad sweeps, or through polarizing rhetoric, without gaining a deep understanding of the complexities that often tether these issues together.

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Library’s “Indisposable” Exhibit

Anastasia Fair confesses that she once walked past the homeless inhabitants of Kansas City with very little empathy. “I’d be, like, ‘just go to a shelter or something,’” she recalls. “But when you actually experience it, it’s totally different.” Fair has now been homeless, herself, for more than a year, an experience she says is marked by an endless succession of daily waits.

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KC Downtowners
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