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Spinning Tree’s “Nine,” an American Musical Born of Italian Cinema, Showcases Talent and Hard Work

“Nine,” the 1982 Broadway musical nominally based on Federico Fellini’s surrealistic satire, “8 1/2,” is enjoyable to the extent that you can relate to the protagonist, a self-absorbed Italian film director undergoing a midlife crisis. In the Spinning Tree Theatre production now onstage at the Living Room, film maker Guido Contini is played by Vigthor […]

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Neil LaBute Play at Unicorn is, Like, Whatever

I wish I could say how many times “whatever” is uttered in the meandering dialogue of The Way We Get By. But I wasn’t counting. Nor did I tally the repetitions of “like,” another place-holder word employed by the inarticulate. “Whatnot” makes a handful of cameo appearances. Incomplete sentences and thought fragments abound. Playwright Neil […]

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Death and Money Collide Onstage at KC Rep

Ayad Akhtar’s The Invisible Hand is a brainy thriller balanced precariously between a melodrama and an international finance seminar. It’s fascinating, unique and even educational as nuanced characters engage in crisp exchanges about capitalism, money laundering, international currency markets and the First World’s exploitation of the Third World. Kansas City audiences first encountered the prize-winning […]

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Love, loss and memory at the Living Room

Two-character plays present daunting challenges to both writers and actors, but the genre will be with us forever because of one shining virtue: They’re cheap to produce. Sharr White’s Annapurna, which opens the Living Room’s seventh season, is soapy character study about two literary academics who, each in his or her way, have abandoned the […]

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