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Woman’s Fate: Good Performances Elevate Unicorn Drama About the Will to Survive

That women suffer during wartime is hardly a news flash. Troops have raped indiscriminately throughout history. But a war crime is a war crime. And dramatists have appropriately revisited, examined and judged atrocities since the beginning of theater. Danai Gurira’s drama “Eclipsed” gains strength from its specificity. Gurira sets her five-character story in the later […]

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The MET Scores with August Wilson’s Beautifully Written “Gem of the Ocean”

Fine performances — deeply felt, charismatic, Shakespearean — are what you take away from Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre’s affecting production of “Gem of the Ocean,” the ninth drama in August Wilson’s historic cycle of plays depicting African-American life in each decade of the 20th century. Give Karen Paisley, the MET’s artistic director, credit for staging the […]

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Good Performances Buoy Unique Drama About Science, Love and History

Part science lesson, part love story and part philosophical rumination on the meaning of life, Anna Ziegler’s “Photograph 51” is a memorable account of one woman’s unheralded contribution to one of the major scientific discoveries of the 20th century. Good performances across the board elevate Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre’s thoughtful production of Ziegler’s 2008 play about […]

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