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“Appropriation Nation,” Kansas City Artists Coalition Snap Gallery

Some of the most iconic European masterpieces convey simple, universal feelings, but white artists do not have a monopoly on expressions of love, bravery, wanderlust, curiosity, or compassion. Artist Chico Sierra’s awareness of this fundamental truth permeates his exhibition, “Appropriation Nation,” in a beautiful and enticing way. Rather than attempting to assert the legitimacy of […]

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“Polly Apfelbaum: Waiting for the UFOS (a space between landscape and a bunch of flowers),” Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Polly Apfelbaum is an iconoclast, refreshingly devoid of bullshit, and known for her wildly exuberant installations in which the floor is as important, or more, than the walls. Her installation-based work always feels honest rather than coolly distant yet is layered with process and content. Las Vegas showgirls, the cartoon Powerpuff Girls, music, literature, film, […]

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“Colla Voce: Follow the Solo Voice,” Carter Art Center, MCC-Penn Valley

Fearless in their honesty, the six artists in “Colla Voce: Follow the Solo Voice” at the Carter Art Center articulate a collective conversation about life’s limitations and constraints. Through sorrow, humor, silence, beauty and power, they share discoveries about creating more autonomous definitions of self. For some, the work in this exhibit represents a continuum […]

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“Collections: A Visual Journey of Art Through the Eyes of Sherry Whetstone-McCall,” Stocksdale Gallery, William Jewell College

“Collections: A Visual Journey of Art Through the Eyes of Sherry Whetstone-McCall” at the Stocksdale Gallery at William Jewell College scores successes for both gallery and artist. William Jewell College ended its visual art degree program in 2018. Whetstone-McCall’s exhibition marks the beginning of the Stocksdale Gallery’s new partnership with the Liberty Arts Commission and […]

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