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“Built Environments,” Epsten Gallery

Immersive, multi-media installations respond to the light, planes, and architectural design of the Epsten Gallery space in the exhibit “Built Environments,” curated by the gallery’s director Heather Lustfeldt. The exhibit,


“Banal Magic: Latin American Artists Transmute the Ordinary,” Four Chapter Gallery

“Banal Magic: Latin American Artists Transmute the Ordinary” is first and foremost an exhibition about the environment. In an explicit homage to the Latin American literary style Magical Realism, curator Caroline Colby-Gonzalez has selected eight artists, four from Miami and four from Kansas City, whose work engages in fantasies and nightmares. And it’s little surprise […]

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KC Downtowners

“Davin Watne: Picture the Wall,” Haw Contemporary

Davin Watne has built a wall. Unlike the stone or concrete of the Great Wall of China or Trump’s proposed wall on the southern border, “Picture the Wall” at Haw Contemporary comprises several stretched flags and paintings depicting recent events in American political culture. No fewer than three presidents and one presidential candidate are present […]

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KC Downtowners
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