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“Built Environments,” Epsten Gallery

Immersive, multi-media installations respond to the light, planes, and architectural design of the Epsten Gallery space in the exhibit “Built Environments,” curated by the gallery’s director Heather Lustfeldt. The exhibit, part of the “Every Street is Charlotte Street” exhibition series in honor of the Charlotte Street Foundation’s 20th anniversary, highlights past Charlotte Street Award winners […]

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“Soviet Realities,” Telephonebooth Gallery

“Soviet Realities” at the Telephonebooth Gallery features American and Russian artworks involved in anti-authoritarian politics and critiques of the Russian government. Curated by artist Marc Saviano and gallery owner Tim Brown, the exhibition is made up of digital images printed on paper. The exhibition might be daunting to some, as much of the text is […]

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KC Downtowners

“Pattern Languages,” Greenlease Gallery at Rockhurst University

Art lovers seeking to understand the interests of some of Kansas City’s leading artists would do well to spend time viewing the “Pattern Languages” exhibition at Rockhurst University’s Greenlease Gallery.  The show, one of many this year celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Charlotte Street Foundation, features impressive works by 14 Charlotte Street Foundation Fellows. […]

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“Diversity in Contemporary America,” Kansas City Kansas Community College Art Gallery

Restrictive, confining cultural expectations for physical appearance, along with subtle and not-so-subtle demands for conformity, are themes reflected in the work by two artists currently showing at the Kansas City Kansas Community College Art Gallery’s exhibit, “Diversity in Contemporary America.” Tennessee-based artist, Andrew Stephen Norris and Kansas City-area painter and KCKCC alumnus, JT Daniels share […]

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“Judy Onofrio: Unearth” and “Nicolas Dhervillers: Retrospective Works,” Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art + “Nicolas Dhervillers: Retrospective Works,” Cerbera Gallery

Life, death and memory are the domain of the arts. Sherry Leedy often thematically links the shows in her gallery, and although the work of Judy Onofrio and Nicolas Dhervillers (who is also showing works at Cerbera Gallery across the street), couldn’t look more dissimilar, mortality and its lore abounds in the art of both […]

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KC Downtowners
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