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“Amy Kligman: Everyday,” Haw Contemporary

It might be up on the second floor and in the smallest gallery space in Haw Contemporary, but Amy Kligman’s exhibition “Everyday” speaks volumes. True to the exhibition’s name, Kligman paints ordinary and everyday objects: lighters, hair clips, a sheet cake, a bowling trophy. With a loose brush and attention to detail, Kligman paints objects […]

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“Paul Santoleri, Karen Kunc, John Lamberton, Meghan Rowswell,” Kansas City Artists Coalition

Philadelphia artist Paul Santoleri’s wall-sized, floor-to-ceiling drawings, now on view at the Kansas City Artists Coalition, immerse viewers in a dream-like world. In this walk-in installation, robust yet graceful curvilinear lines fold over each other in rhythmic patterns charged with harmonious movement. Though he often works in color, Santoleri chose a black and white palette […]

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“Eric Sall: Drawing Paintings, Painting Drawings,” Haw Contemporary Crossroads

Eric Sall’s “Drawing Paintings, Painting Drawings” show of nine, mostly large scale abstract artworks, is the inaugural exhibit for the Haw Contemporary Crossroads Gallery. Sall, who graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1999 with an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth, is known for his bravura techniques and deliberately dissonant pattern-making.  This installation does not […]

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