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“Warren Rosser: Loitering with Intent,” “Debra Smith: Recent Work,” “Samara Umbral: She-Bop,” Haw Contemporary

When Warren Rosser settled into his enviable Crossroads studio he made sure to get the lighting just right. For a seasoned painter exploring color relationships in depth, the results have been transformative.  “Loitering with Intent,” his first solo exhibition at Haw Contemporary, features more than a dozen new paintings by a masterful abstract colorist at […]

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“¿QUE PASA, USA?,” La Esquina

Debates about immigration and citizenship turned into ugly political football in the last election cycle. The truth of the matter, as seen in the exhibition “¿QUE PASA, USA?” is far more familiar, complex and colorful than the public discourse would suggest. Lynnette Miranda, the new curator-in-residence at the Charlotte Street Foundation mirthfully embraces the demographic […]

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