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“¿QUE PASA, USA?,” La Esquina

Debates about immigration and citizenship turned into ugly political football in the last election cycle. The truth of the matter, as seen in the exhibition “¿QUE PASA, USA?” is far


“Micaela de Vivero,” Kansas City Artists Coalition

Micaela de Vivero’s exhibit at the Kansas City Artists Coalition highlights the artist’s experiments with a wide assortment of non-traditional media. As you enter the room, you are surrounded by transformed objects that evoke an innovative laboratory. The artist’s unconventional and repurposed materials speak to dreamlike encounters, while also exploring experiences of daily life. She […]

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“Fresh: KCAI Alumni,” The Epsten Gallery

Despite the optimistic title, this exhibit of works by 13 Kansas City Art Institute alumni evidences traces of anxiety, perhaps reflecting the violence and oppression people see or experience daily and our political, climatic, and civic instability. Physical and psychological stress emerge in the exhibit’s three self-portraits. In Portrait of my Former Self, Stephen Proski […]

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