Heartland Men’s Chorus’ Kansas City Christmas

img_9566-jpgHeartland Men’s Chorus, Kansas City’s gay men’s chorus, certainly fills a significant niche within the burgeoning arts and cultural scene in Kansas City. But being the gay chorus in town may still defy some pre-conceived notions about the organization. To wit:

  • We have six straight singers, four of whom are ministers.
  • We have a female singer because her voice cannot reach the notes found in women’s choral literature.
  • A recent board chair is a straight suburban mom from Liberty, Missouri.
  • Our current board chair is a retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel who served in Afghanistan, consults for the Army, and holds a PhD.
  • Our board vice chair is a straight minister.
  • We have nine non-singing women members who serve in many different roles.
  • About a dozen of our members are grandparents.
  • About 30 of our members are parents.

Our members span many different types of employment, including lawyer, dentist, Emergency Room doctor, nurse, journalist, real estate agent, non-profit executive director, banker, marketing director, college professor, fundraiser, teacher, architect, financial advisor, painter, speech therapist, postal worker, jeweler, photographer, salesman, and store manager… to name just a few.

Some are retired, others are students, and everyone is passionate about music which you’ll see if you come to our performances! We start this weekend, December 3 & 4 at the Folly Theater and December 10th at Yardley Hall. Visit www.hmckc.org/tickets/ today!

–Heartland Men’s Chorus

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