Home Trends: Spring 2018

Spring is here! This is the perfect time of year to start those renovations and refresh the space you call home. The team of designers at Windows Floors & Decor and Carpet Direct has put together a list of trends to look out for this season to bring your home out of the cold grey of winter and into bright beautiful springtime.

Sustainable Materials Continue to be Huge

Homeowners today are more concerned with the environment than ever before, luckily their are tons of sustainable options when it comes to home updates. Here are some options to consider.

Bamboo floors are made of the fast-growing bamboo grass, a renewable and sustainable plant. Bamboo flooring is attractive, extremely durable, and water-resistant.

Installing energy efficient windows can reduce your carbon foot print and save you money on your electric bill! Win-Win!

There are also a ton of sustainable decor options out there. Look for rugs, linens, and decorative pillows made from materials such as hemp, certified organic cotton, or bamboo. Try to avoid plastics and synthetic materials when buying decorative items for your home.

Color is King

This year is an interesting year for color. We are seeing everything from light pastel palettes to rich bold jewel toned accents. You do not necessarily have to redecorate your whole home, you can add a pop of color to that gray scale living room by adding a bright crimson or yellow pillow! Small colorful additions here and there can really give your space personality.

Bring the Outdoors In

More and more people, especially in cities with limited green space, are opting for indoor greenery. Indoor plants can give a more open and natural feel to your home. If you do not have much of a green thumb opt for low maintenance succulents and herbs. Don’t forget to place your new green friends near a sunny window and research how to care for them properly.

Print isn’t Dead

We are talking about wallpaper here. Not the weird fruit border that your grandma had up in her kitchen since the dawn of time, but for 2018 wallpaper is back and better than ever. From cool embossing and textured styles to statement metallics and bold prints. Use statement wallpaper as an accent in a small bathroom or on an empty wall.

Contact one of the design professionals at Windows Floors & Decor and Carpet Direct to start redesigning your home today!

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