Welcome to the new and improved KC Studio Arts Calendar.

Our new and improved arts calendar adds another layer of control with the addition of “Organizers” for event listings. There are times when an event is being held by a group or foundation, but the event venue is at another location. The new “Organizer” category addresses this dilemma. On this page you can learn more about components of the new calendar and how to submit or edit your event.

Components of the Arts Calendar

Event Page

Event pages include description about the event, organizer, venue, and map of the location.  These items are then clickable to look at other events happening at the venue or being organized by the same organizer.

Event Page

Organizer Page New

It is with great excitement that we are able to provide a means of grouping all events being conducted by a group at multiple venues in one location.  Examples include: Kemper, Public Libraries, Charlotte Street Foundation, etc.


Venue Page

Venue pages are an excellent location to to quickly reference all of the events occurring at a specific location regardless of the event category or organizer. Venue pages include address and map of the venue location.


How to Submit an Event

Submitting events to the Arts Calendar is an excellent way to increase the visibility of your event, and we have strived to make it as easy as possible by following the instruction steps below.

Step One: Log in to your account at KCSTUDIO.org

If this is your first time submitting an event, you may create a new Username by clicking the Register link below the login window.

You may also retrieve a lost password for your account on this page.

Login or Create Account
Login Page

Step Two: Once you are logged in, you will navigate to the My Events page. On this page you will see a list of all the events you have submitted or have been assigned to you by the calendar admin. You can also review the current status of your event, pending () or published ().

Underneath the Title of the event, there are three options: View | Edit | Delete. These options are available regardless of the event status.

You can confirm that you are logged in to the site by referring to the question at the top of the page: Not [Name] ? Log Out (highlighted in yellow in the screenshot).

Events Manager
Events Manager List Page

Step Three: Overview of Events Manager, Event Submission Page

  • Title
  • Description
    There is a full editor that accepts most formatted text copied and pasted from programs like Word. Text can also be formatted inside the editor and HTML coding added in the Text tab.
  • Categories
    Select as many applicable categories that match your event for maximum exposure. There are 18 available options.
  • Image
    The image uploaded will be used in the list views and on the event description page (pictured above).
  • Time & Date
    • All Day:
      Events that occur all day long
    • Start Date / Time:
      Select the starting date for extended events, or the date/time for specific same-day events.
    • End Date / Time:
      For events that do not have a clear end time delete the date from this field. If the event/exhibition spans multiple days use this field to select the final day of the event/exhibition.
    • Recurrence
  • Venue
    Use the search box in the drop-down to find the correct venue. With over 500 venues in our database it is most likely available. If for some reason you can not locate the venue please leave the field blank with “Use New Venue” selected and submit an email request with details. We are able to update your events on our side and include your new venue for future events. If there is no location for the event it is possible to leave it blank as well.
  • Organizer
    Use the search box in the drop-down to find the correct organizer. With over 500 organizers in our database it is most likely available. If for some reason you can not locate it please leave the field blank with “Use New Organizer” selected and submit an email request with details. We are able to update your events on our side, and include your new organizer for future events.
  • Website
    Please include a link with more information about the event, if possible. Links to ticketing landing pages are also acceptable.
  • Cost
    • Blank: Nothing will display on the pages
    • Number: Displays a single price with a ‘$’ preceding it
    • Text: You can enter anything you want, but keep it brief.
Submit Your Event
Events Manager: Add Page

If you have any issues with the calendar or questions about submitting events, contact us at calendar@townsendkc.com.

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