Incorporating the Color of the Year into your Home

Ultra Violet is Pantone’s official color of 2018! It’s a complex and contemplative purple shade that makes a bold statement. Here is how to incorporate this trendy color into your home.

Start off Small

As we said this color is very bold and rich, so if you aren’t too sure about making a big statement we suggest you start with a small pop of the color. Try a decorative pillow or throw to start off and see how you feel about the color.

Use Ultra Violet as an Accent Color

Use this color on a small wall in your home and accentuate its originality by hanging some of your favorite unique pieces there. We suggest choosing simple brushed metal decorative pieces since the color is so eye catching. Try it out on a book shelf or small side table and see how the color looks with the lighting in your space.

Give Small Spaces a Bigger Feel

This color begs for a special spot to shine in. Instead of standing out for being the smallest room in your home, the space will be cherished for the richness and escape to a another dimension of depth and color! This will give your home more personality that guests will envy.

Keep Other Colors on the Light Side

Because this is such a rich color keep trim and flooring a bit lighter. This will give your space more balance and harmony.

Ultra Violet is an extremely fun color to work with, so try some of these tricks and don’t stress out too much about being bold in 2018!

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