How to Pair Your Wall Color With Your Hardwood Flooring

The homes in Shawnee have never looked so good, especially since home owners like you have chosen to fashion your homes in rich hardwood. Nothing compares to the class and timelessness of the warmth and charm that hardwood provides. Windows Floors & Decor is here to ensure your walls are in perfect harmony with your beautiful hardwood flooring.

First you’ll need to identify what shade of Shawnee hardwood flooring you’re complementing.

Dark Colored Hardwood

Dark colored hardwood can be a handsome feature in larger rooms and halls, especially if there is plenty of natural light during the day. We’d recommend keeping your walls in lighter shades to complement the dark wood you have chosen. However, if you are going for a stronger look, then rich dark colored walls can make a statement too.

Cherry Hardwood

Cherry hardwood is stunning on its own, so be sure to let them shine. White walls will do just that, by providing the contrast you need. If white is not your thing, then we recommend a light mint green to go with your cherry hardwood floors.

Oak Hardwood

Whether you choose white oak or red oak, you can’t go wrong with white or off-white walls. Yellow is also a prime choice in color to accompany oak hardwood flooring. If you are going for a more formal look and feel, try simply matching the walls to the color of the wood.

Light Colored Hardwood

Most popular of all the hardwood flooring shades, the lighter shades do wonders to brighten any room naturally. So it’s best to keep your walls also light and neutral. Variations of off-white and beige, grey or even shades of yellow or cool blue work best with light colored hardwood.

When paired with the right wall color, hardwood floors make a room. Contact Windows Floors & Decor for more inspiration!

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