Christmas Carol: 150 Years of Love and Politics

Everyone gets indigestion after a massive Thanksgiving dinner, but for theater critics the discomfort may be particularly acute. They know that soon they will sit through another production of “A Christmas Carol.” All across America, at nearly every regional theater, audiences flock to their own local version of Charles Dickens’ 1843 novella about loss, redemption […]

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Kansas City Actors Theatre’s ‘A Lie of the Mind’ Showcases Magnificent Performances

Sam Shepard’s plays aren’t easy to do. They walk a fine line between absurdism and naturalism. Within a stage environment rich with physical details, audiences witness bizarre behavior and cryptic revelations. Director Cinnamon Schultz walks that tightrope expertly in Kansas City Actors Theatre’s fine production of “A Lie of the Mind.” She captures exceptional work […]

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