The Arts Asylum – Jesus Christ Superstar

The Arts Asylum and This Happy Breed are coming together this fall for Jesus Christ Superstar, their first joint production. The production, directed by Kyle Hatley, will include 16 performances that will run from September 19-October 12, 2019. Performances will be held at the James and Marjory Russell Theatre at The Arts Asylum, located at 1000 E. 9th Street in downtown Kansas City.

The Arts Asylum’s production features a diverse and nationally renowned cast with Kansas City roots and is being developed and presented by some of Kansas City’s leading theatre artists. Director Kyle Hatley, former Associate Artistic Director at Kansas City Repertory Theatre, has brought a vision of Superstar to Kansas City that transcends the time and space of its setting. The upcoming production aims to bring an immersive, inclusive experience that will resonate with longtime fans of the original and newcomers alike.

As the first full professional performance of Superstar to hit Kansas City in a generation, Hatley’s production features modern updates to the classic story that will demonstrate its timelessness and relevance. Audiences can look forward to a cast that features female actors in prominent roles, characters that engage the audience in unexpected ways, and, of course, enthralling renditions of Webber and Rice’s renowned score.

“It’s the story of a real human saving humankind,” says Arts Asylum Executive Director Evie Craig. “Anyone who sees this show will walk away knowing that any one of us can do things that are truly epic and transcendent.”

“This show will blow people away. We need to make sure the word is out,” Craig added. In addition to purchasing tickets, supporters can spread the word via social media at

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