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“knowledges” Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Lawrence

Towering stacks of salvaged books, animated holograms, flickering cascades of light, installations and objects inspired by math and science, and beakers of Legos and rock candy comprise “knowledges,” a compelling exhibition at KU’s Spencer Museum of Art. “Art is a form of knowledge that contributes to many fields of inquiry,” states the introductory panel, providing […]

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“Adrienne Walker Hoard: New Democracy Art: A South African Saga of Women, Art, and Identity,” Kansas City Central Library

Vibrancy, artistry and mystery emanate from Adrienne Walker Hoard’s exhibition, “New Democracy Art: A South African Saga of Women, Art, and Identity,” featuring 24 photographs by Hoard with accompanying narratives and original art works by South African women at Kansas City Central Library. Over the course of 18 years and 15 trips to South Africa, […]

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“Rethinking the Room: Marilyn Mahoney,” Museo

A selection of layered, mixed-media collages by longtime Kansas City artist Marilyn Mahoney graces Museo’s walls in the third one-person show in the exhibition series, “Rethinking the Room,” initiated earlier this year by Museo co-owner, Steve Maturo. Mahoney’s 11 works are perfect in Museo’s sophisticated, welcoming showroom displaying modern and contemporary furniture and lighting by […]

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“Angel Otero: Diario,” Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

We’re all influenced by everything. As a sprawling amalgamation of experiences, epiphanies and inputs, Angel Otero’s new installation at Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, “Diario,” represents humanity’s psychological landscape. The apparent chaos of the piece belies its sophistication; the sculpture’s densely layered components illustrate not only the tangible influence of its creator, who was born […]

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