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“Audacity: The March to Women’s Rights,” Kansas City Kansas Community College Art Gallery

“Audacity: The March to Women’s Rights,” an exhibit at the Kansas City Kansas Community College Art Gallery, is part of a citywide celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment: Women’s Right to Vote. Upon entering, viewers immediately see a banner centrally suspended within the gallery bearing the word “Breathe” incised in thin script […]

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“Code Practice: Certain Objects and Certain Systems by James Woodfill,” Joseph Nease Gallery

By now, looking at art exclusively online has us all a little bleary-eyed. A welcome solution is well-known Kansas City artist Jim Woodfill’s exhibit “Code Practice: Certain Objects and Certain Systems,” presented by Joseph Nease Gallery, which was founded in Kansas City, but is now located in Duluth, where Nease continues to represent many Kansas […]

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“Hung Liu: Seedlings,” “Anne Austin Pearce: Path” and “Mary Ann Strandell: The Conversation,” Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art

Given the miseries of the current summer, Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art gallery’s exhibit of new work by Hung Liu, Anne Austin Pearce, and Mary Ann Strandell is a welcome tonic. Installed separately, each show is a knockout. These three artists couldn’t be more different stylistically; they have very distinctive, confident voices in their choice of […]

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