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“Hung Liu: Seedlings,” “Anne Austin Pearce: Path” and “Mary Ann Strandell: The Conversation,” Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art

Given the miseries of the current summer, Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art gallery’s exhibit of new work by Hung Liu, Anne Austin Pearce, and Mary Ann Strandell is a welcome tonic. Installed separately, each show is a knockout. These three artists couldn’t be more different stylistically; they have very distinctive, confident voices in their choice of […]

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“1009 Arts: /wilt/,” Vulpes Bastille

In the new era of social distancing, performance art seems at once both anachronistic and a symbol of the human desire for connection and intimacy. It was thus a bittersweet occasion when on March 6, the 1009 Arts organization unveiled the performance piece “/wilt/” at the Vulpes Bastille Gallery in the East Crossroads. Conceived as […]

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“Marcus Cain: Borrowed Light” and “Ky Anderson: Star School,” Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art

Brooklyn-based Kansas City Art Institute alum Ky Anderson’s exhibit “Star School” is the result of a middle-of-the-night vision in which she imagined a series of paintings “filled with stars and the intricate structures used to view them.” Executed on paper and raw canvas in acrylic and oil stick, Anderson’s works veer between painting and drawing. “Stacked Viewing” on […]

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“knowledges” Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Lawrence

Towering stacks of salvaged books, animated holograms, flickering cascades of light, installations and objects inspired by math and science, and beakers of Legos and rock candy comprise “knowledges,” a compelling exhibition at KU’s Spencer Museum of Art. “Art is a form of knowledge that contributes to many fields of inquiry,” states the introductory panel, providing […]

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