Artist to Watch: Vanessa Thomas

Lawrence-based singer Vanessa Thomas works as a vocal coach, accompanist, church music director, and full-time single mom to her four children, all while regularly performing nationally with Grammy Award-winning maestro


Honors: Billie Mahoney

For more than four decades Billie Mahoney has made her mark on the dance and choreographic world. As a dance notator, Mahoney transcribed the collaborative rhythms of creative maestros like


Concert to Come: “Goldberg Variations”

Johann Sebastian Bach’s monumental “Goldberg Variations” is at once staggeringly difficult and uniquely beautiful, challenging and enamoring musicians for centuries. Kansas City’s Owen/Cox Dance Group will display these compatible contrasts

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Susan Schmelzer on Arts Policy: Who Would Steal the Arts?

Writing a column on public policy for a bi-monthly publication has its challenges. In today’s reality, one can’t wake up in the morning without a surprise, and simple conclusions can become obsolete overnight. At this writing, Donald Trump is the president, and he has submitted a budget which completely eliminates the National Endowments of the Arts and Humanities and defunds the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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