The Job: Peggy Van Witt

The Van Witt Fine Art Conservation studio is a high-ceilinged, light-filled, airy space in downtown Overland Park. Salon-sized canvases hang high on the walls, with smaller paintings displayed below both

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Kansas City’s Quiet Virtuoso

Close your eyes and imagine a musical virtuoso. Who are you seeing? Mozart, with his powdered wigs? Liszt, with his aquiline nose? The Beatles, with their mop haircuts? Prince, with his velvet jackets? Toscanini? Bach? Elvis? Pavarotti? Sting? You probably didn’t see a middle-aged man in a pullover sweater named Robert Pherigo. But if you ask a musician in Kansas City to name a virtuoso, Robert’s name usually tops the list.

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Aspiring Inventors Gather at KCAI for Make48 Inventathon

From September 28-30, the Kansas City Art Institute will play host to the fifth Make48 Inventathon, reprising their role last year as host to the fourth Inventathon, when 17 teams crowded into the David T. Beals III Studios for Art and Technology, the school’s new high-tech digital fabrication shop. They were there to compete for a chance to star in a reality TV show and get their inventions to market.

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Mid America Freedom Band Offers “Programming Diversity, with Some Guts”

The Mid America Freedom Band has planned an adventurous 15th season. Themed “Pioneers and Frontiers,” the upcoming concerts will celebrate historic revolutionaries, musical mavericks and civil rights pioneers, as well as new frontiers in sound and space, with the American expansion of the West and the exploration of the universe. MAFB is Kansas City’s only LGBTQIA + ally community band.

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Cutting-Edge Art Conservation

In what is believed to be the first project of its kind, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art recently turned to 3D technology to overcome an especially difficult art restoration challenge. The goal was to restore a hand and an optical lens to an 1810 porcelain harlequin produced by Germany’s Meissen art house. The right hand […]

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