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“Dannielle Tegeder – Chroma Machine Suite: Forecasting Fault Lines in the Cosmos,” H&R Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art Institute

“Chroma Machine Suite: Forecasting Fault Lines in the Cosmos,” a dynamic, multi-media exhibition by New York abstractionist Dannielle Tegeder at the H&R Block Artspace, showcases two site-specific works. One is a large-scale wall drawing; the other is an evolving, multi-media sculptural installation. The artist created in both in collaboration with 13 Kansas City Art Institute […]

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“Christopher Leitch: chance diaries: dream things,” KCAI Crossroads Gallery: Center for Contemporary Practice

The Trickster has always lurked in Christopher Leitch’s artwork, and s/he really gallivants around in Leitch’s current installation “chance diaries: dream things.” As in all his oeuvre, Leitch establishes a set format, and then — this is where the Trickster steps in — he lets things develop as they will. No matter the outcome. (Some […]

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KC Downtowners
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