Honors: Vivian Wilson Bluett

Honors: Vivian Wilson Bluett

“I was terrified. I was nervous and anxious about the details. As nervous and anxious as I was, I wasn’t going to turn down the project. I felt like I had a responsibility to the community to give a visual representation of our struggle,” said Vivian Wilson Bluett.

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For KC Arts Organizations, A Long, Hard Slog

For KC Arts Organizations, A Long, Hard Slog

In the world of theater, a ghost light is placed at center stage after a show closes — a single bulb on a stand that dimly illuminates the boards until the next production moves in. Few images are more haunting, because the ghost light denotes the absence of what makes performance possible: People.

In Memoriam | Lou Marak (1930-2020): A Remembrance

Tall and rangy, Lou Marak was a man of few words, which inevitably hit their mark. “He could really shoot the zingers,” his longtime friend, artist Jane Booth, said in a recent interview. Marak’s superb line drawings of people, landscapes and animals were equally spare and to the point.

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