New Collection Focus

This summer and fall, the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art will install a new Collection Focus area on the second floor of JCCC’s newly renovated Billington Library. This new installation


Arts News: One House, One Neighborhood at a Time

Felix Maull, a painter and graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, has been officially installed as the first artist-in-residence at The Art House (previously discussed by James Martin in January 2017). The idea of creating The Art House was championed by Pat Jordan, president of the Gem Cultural and Educational Center, and her partners […]

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Artist to Watch: Chris Ortiz

Artist to Watch: Chris Ortiz

Punk rock shaped Chris Ortiz’s life, and his latest photography project is his love letter to the culture, the people and the scene. “I’ve been homeless. I’ve slept in my car. Cement floors. Friends’ couches,” he said recently in Lawrence, Kansas.

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