Holiday Spills & Stains: How to Keep Your Carpet Clean This Season

Jingle bells and sleigh bells too, Christmas is fast approaching. Family gatherings are being planned, for loved ones young and old, and you may be blessed enough to be playing Secret Santa this year! Well, have no fear for we are here with some tips on how to keep your carpet clear this holiday season!

Pre-Spills & Stains

You want to avoid having to go through a ”Bah, humbug!” carpet replacement, so try to prevent as many accidents as possible by simply planning ahead and:

  • Setting out plenty of folding tables for your guests to set their food and drinks down on.
  • Place some easy-to-wash runners or extra home rugs under your dining room table chairs, just in case spills do happen during the meal.
  • Be smart about where you place the kid’s table, perhaps in an area where there’s no carpet at all?

Preparation is Key

Make sure you have the following things handy:

  • Clean sponges for soaking up spills.
  • Paper towels for blotting.
  • Mixture of club soda and water: Great against red wine stains.
  • Mixture of white vinegar and hot water: Great against gravy stains.
  • Mixture of white vinegar and plain dish soap: Also great against red wine stains.
  • Shaving cream: Great against gravy stains.

Post-Spills & Stains

If it’s solid foods that have been spilled, then just pick them up and throw them away. Sauces should be scooped up and blotted. And remember…never scrub your wet carpet with paper towels. The rule is to dab!

Then lay a paper towel down until you can deal with it later. Get back to your fun hosting duties! Get back to your friends and family. Spills and stains are inevitable, but not the be-all and end-all this holiday season!

If the stains prove too difficult to remove, contact Windows Floors & Decor. They can connect you with a local expert who can help you remove any leftover stains and have your carpet looking as if nothing ever happened!

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