Bigfoot Drives a Flying Saucer: A History of Fringe Science

The Linda Hall Library opens registration for its newest Adult Education class, Bigfoot Drives a Flying Saucer: A History of Fringe Science. The Adult Education Program at Linda Hall Library provides inquisitive people with opportunities to explore how science and technology have transformed our world. Designed for individuals with limited time but limitless curiosity, classes are taught in small groups to foster conversation and an open exchange of ideas. Participants have the chance to interact with distinguished scholars who will introduce them to history’s greatest scientific and technical accomplishments. Class discussions will emphasize self-enrichment and conceptual understanding. There are no papers, quizzes, grades or tests—just the chance to expand your knowledge alongside other motivated learners!

In the past few years, debates about fringe science – interpretations of scientific concepts that are either speculative or completely rejected by mainstream researchers – have become inescapable. In this new and exciting class, participants will learn how the search for Bigfoot, UFO sightings, and flat earth theories can teach us about changing American attitudes toward science.

The class will be led by Professor Edward Guimont. Guimont received his PhD in history from the University of Connecticut and is currently assistant professor of world history at Bristol Community College in Fall River, Massachusetts. He has written on such topics as pseudohistory, the Flat Earth, cryptozoology, and alien abductions. His book When the Stars are Right: H. P. Lovecraft and Astronomy, co-written with Horace Smith, is due from Hippocampus Press in summer 2023.

Classes will be held virtually via Zoom on May 3, 10, and 17. Participants will be encouraged to join with their device camera turned on, ready to engage. Learn more about the Linda Hall Library Adult Education program and register for classes at www.lindahall.org/experience/learning/adult-education.

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