Recent KCAI Grad Lands Video Commission

“It came out better than I had hoped,” says Kansas City artist and musician, Stephen Proski, of the animation Evan Bech created for Proski’s post- industrial techno band, Human Traffic.

Bech’s animation for Human Traffic’s new single, Degeneration HD, is his first major project since graduating in May from the Kansas City Art Institute, where he won a “Best of Show” for his piece in the 2015 Annual BFA Exhibition (See KC Studio, July/August, “Spring Brings Student Excellence in Art…and Design”).

Human Traffic gave him free rein to interpret their song, Bech said, which addresses going down a path and confronting different options.

His animation incorporates images of an exploding brain, a lineup of gods and goddesses, and a checkerboard-skinned figure who rides around in a surreal circuit. It all expresses what Bech characterizes as “parallel dimensions of the rational and the irrational.”

“At the end, there is no meaning,” Bech says. The work culminates in a terrifying frenzy, “a freakout,” Bech says, “that is like an existential crisis.”

Earlier this month, the Milwaukee native moved to New York, where he just lined up an animation gig with MTV. Bech is now living in Brooklyn, and wants to attend grad school eventually, he said. But first he wants to get some real world experience under his belt. See more at evanbech.com.


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