Great Drawing Techniques To Try at The Big Draw


Most people have heard of M.C. Escher and are familiar with his mind bending photo-realistic drawings and prints. However this is far from the only style of drawing. Pablo Picasso sometimes used a technique called “blind contour” where a line drawing is created by following the contours of the subject, but not looking at the paper. Kansas artist Elizabeth “Grandma” Layton became famous for her charming blind contour self-portraits.  Zentagle is another popular drawing technique that focuses on creating repetitive designs and patterns from simple lines. And did you know that you can create drawings entirely out of dots? The illusion of line and shadow is created by the spacing of the dots on the paper. This technique was used by French Impressionist artists Georges Seurat and Paul Signac.

Try out one of these drawing techniques, or create something entirely new at The Big Draw at the Kansas City, Kansas Public Library South Branch on October 17th. You don’t have to have to be an artist, just come be creative with us.

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