The Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee April 14-18

The Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee presents 2010 Kansas City FilmFest, April 14-18.

The heart of any festival is the screenings. The soul is the interaction with the filmmaker. This year’s festival provides opportunties for filmmakers and film lovers to connect with the creatives who make the movie magic possible.The eight seminars below are in addition to the many Q&A’s that follow the screenings. here is your chance to pull back the curtain and discover the wizards of cinema.

Wednesday, April 14th  /  5:00pm – 6:30pm    LOCATION:  Westport Coffee House, 4010 Pennsylvania
Hollywood Style Imagery without the Hollywood Style Budget:  It’s all in the Camera.
Todd Norris (who lensed last year’s “Bonnie and Clyde Meets Dracula”) can answer most any question dating back to the camera obscura, will speak to the fact that you can now shoot films that look at good as 35mm feature films for less than $1000.   If you are a camera geek, this is your equivalent of being in a smoky underground cafe when Allen Ginsberg first read “Howl.”

Thursday, April 15th  /  4:00pm – 6:00pm   LOCATION: AMC Mainstreet, 1400 Main Street
An Evening With Roberta Munroe
Many speakers have their opinions on what it takes to make a great short, but Roberta Munroe comes at it from the point of view of what NOT to do.  Catch a lively, irreverent and entertaining evening of reflections and warnings, as the author of, “How Not To Make A Short Film: Secrets From A Sundance Programmer,” talks us through the pitfalls to avoid when making a short.    Munroe will share insider secrets, her thoughts on current distribution tactics, and screen a couple of her favorite shorts.  The event will include audience Q & A and book signing. Sponsored by Independent Filmmakers Coaliiton of Kansas City.

SPECIAL !!! Friday, April 16th  /  3:30p – 5pm  LOCATION:  Screenland, 1656 Washington

Narrative in Life/Narrative in Film
Our lives are made up of multiple stories, both fiction and non-fiction.  Bob Rosen, former Dean of the UCLA Film School and founder of the UCLA Film Archives, breaks down the narrative form that weaves through life and reflects on how they are reflected in the films we love.  A master educator and internationally recognized film preservationist, Rosen will speak from the “inside” of the world of film, exploring how narratives translate to the screen. Sponsored by UMKC Film Studies.

Friday, April 16th  /  5:00pm – 6:30pm   LOCATION:  Third Eye, 2024 Main Street

Producing Movies in Today’s Climate
Shawn McClaren of Hallmark Hall of Fame and Dennis Fallon of Waldo West Productions are active producers living and working from the Kansas City region. Two veteran and experienced professionals, with all manner of production and distribution experiences under their belts, McClaren and Fallon will explore the business side of filmmaking.   A not-to-miss for serious professionals.  Sponsored by Kansas City Film Commission

Saturday, April 17th  /  10am – 11:30am   LOCATION:  Java Port, 208 W. 19th Street

Festival Strategies

This panel speaks to the idea of now that you have made your film, what do you do with it.   This impressive line-up of panelists from top festivals – Toronto International, Sundance, SXSW, Slamdance, and Oxford will speak to the ways in which festivals are the leading market for independent films and how to get your films seen through the festival and other alternative circuits and today’s distribution world.     Panelists:  Edward Stencel, Meaghan Brander, Jim Kolmar, Melanie Addington, Roberta Munroe.

Saturday, April 17th  /  12:30pm – 2:00pm   LOCATION: Java Port, 208 W. 19th Street

The Reviews Are In

A film’s life can be made or broken by a review.  Get the inside skinny on the curious and enigmatic life of a professional film critic.   What better way to learn what goes over better with a reviewer than from the professionals themselves?  KC Star’s Robert Butler, Film Threat’s Don Lewis and Creative Screenwriting’s Jeff Goldsmith join UMKC’s Dr. Tom Poe as they discuss their trades, the trends, and how to prepare early for the ultimate step:  Impressing a reviewer.

Saturday, April 17th  /  2:30pm – 4:00pm LOCATION:  Screenland, 1656 Washington

On The Web

The internet is one of the most dynamic new opportunities to tell our stories.  Meet and learn from some noted Kansas City filmmakers who have created, directed, and starred in original web series.   They will share experiences, the process and reflect on the future of this burgeoning platform.   “The Unreal Housewives of Kansas City’s” Michelle Davidson and Erin McGrane join webisode directors and producers Ty Jones, “Cliffhanger Falls”; and Heather Laird, “Next.”

Sunday, April 18th  /  2:30pm – 5:00pm    LOCATION: Screenland,  1656 Washington

The KC Production Roundtable
This event will be a spirited, informative and educational discussion between KC based industry professionals, visiting artists, film commission officers and and students to find ways to make our region a thriving, all-aspect production center.   In an informal, salon-meets-town hall setting, a frank, open discussion will ensue on how KC can unify and build the local film and television industry, create and lobby for more incentives and use the “while the iron is hot” philosophy to bring more production to the region.   Speakers include:  Brian Boye, Bruce Branit, Larry Garrett, Joe Heyen, Peter Jasso,  Anthony Ladische, Aaron Laue and Teri Rogers.

ADMISSION to all workshops are included in the ridiculously great-valued Festival Pass, which gets you into all events.   All students are FREE with student ID. If you want to do the panels and workshops separately, consider the Seminar Pass, which gets you into all 8 panels for only $30.
If you love film, if you want to understand it more, if you want to learn from those in the field, if you want to meet potential future employers, if you want to have something to talk with your cousin, the director about, the panels and workshops are not to miss!

For ticketing info, schedule and more details, visit www.kcfilmfest.org

Fred Andrews
President, KC Filmmakers Jubilee

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