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Looking to the Past to Forge the Future

Looking to the Past to Forge the Future

The Kansas City Museum is fully immersed in the process of exhibit design and development on its journey to transforming into a leading-edge, 21st-century museum of Kansas City’s history and cultural heritage. Along the way, it is remaining true to its core values of community engagement, collaboration, and historic preservation.

Will Your Financial Advisor Retire Before You Do?

Will Your Financial Advisor Retire Before You Do?

At NextGen Wealth, our passion is serving those who want the real benefits of working with a true comprehensive Certified Financial Planner®. Through our solutions-based framework to financial planning, The Financial Freedom Blueprint®, we are not only able to provide you with a clear step-by-step path for retirement and financial independence but also add value […]

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Art of the Ride

Art of the Ride

Known for his spirit and sometimes difficult nature, most who have met him and dealt with him will say he “knows when to turn it on and off.” The “fire,” however, is inherited and cannot be simply switched off. Most would associate these characteristics with an elite athlete, accomplished musician or titan of industry who […]

Creative Fire: Profiles by Christel Highland

The velvety vocals of multi-faceted artist Lonnie McFadden shine in his 2012 album, “I Believe in Music.” Just released in March, “Live at the Green Lady Lounge” is pure, Kansas City jazz at its finest. Swinging, rowdy, live and soul-filled, McFadden’s newest album makes the listener proud to be a Kansas Citian, and proud of our jazz heritage.

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