4 Eye-Catching Ways to Display Textiles

Textiles can be tricky to display. How do you effectively display that Otomi embroidered fabric you picked up in Oaxaca, that raw piece of fabric you purchased on a First Friday outing or your own work that you’re ready to show off in a gallery? We’ve outlined a few eye-catching ways you can display your textiles–whatever and wherever they may be.

Frame it

Framing a textile showcases all the intricacies of its craftsmanship, leaves its integrity intact, and gives you endless opportunities to display even the most unconventionally shaped pieces. Try an acrylic box frame to show off all the textures at play. With conservation in mind, be sure to use acid-free mounts and attachments.

Use fishing line

Fishing line is an old trick that many textile artists use to hang up their work to great effect. If you want to employ the same free-hanging look for your own pieces (whether in the home or in a gallery), securely fasten the line to a wall or overhead support. If you’re limited on space, try suspending the piece from a wooden dowel or other support for added visual interest.

Mount on blank canvases

Blank canvases are an affordable and easy to use means of displaying textile pieces that you’re not quite sure how to display. When using this method, you have a couple of options:

  • Position the piece on the center of the canvas and leave up to 5cm of border around it so that the textile is the main focus.
  • Cover the canvas entirely with the textile so that it appears stretched across it. Iron down corners so there are no lumps or bumps. Use staples to keep it in place.

Upholster it

Show off the versatility of your piece by attaching it to the seat or back of a couch or chair, the top of a bench, or turned into cushions or floor poufs. Depending on the kind of piece you have, weaving the textile into your furniture will add definite visual interest to your space and get a conversation started, at the very least.

The beauty of textiles is that they are instant works of art with unlimited potential for bringing textured beauty to life. And remember: always keep your pieces away from moisture and direct sunlight in order to preserve them for a lifetime.

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