Cascone’s Italian Restaurant


For almost 60 years, four generations of the Cascone family have pledged, assured and promised to provide some of the best Italian cuisine any palate can imagine. The family respects its Northland roots. Customers enjoy classic dishes and attentive service in a comfortable space with modern décor.

General Manager Jimmy Cascone, who has worked at the restaurant since 1972, says, “The family decides what to do and where to go. There’s no corporate hierarchy. I like the flexibility we have to make short-term and long-term decisions. Our biggest focus is to enhance the customer experience.”

Making customers happy has been the key to keep them coming back. And the fine Italian food prepared by Chef Victor Cascone is happiness served on a platter. The family’s origins trace back to Ragusa, a city near the southern coast of Sicily.
For diners that prefer pasta and meat, signature dishes such as the best-selling nine-layer lasagna, steaks, and Chicken Limonata Elaina are made to are prepared for the ultimate dining pleasure. Cascone’s maintains a 60 bottle wine list for guests that savor a splash of vino to pair with their meal. For dessert, there are offerings such as cannoli and tiramisu.

While the hearty food draws regular customers and newcomers, the service and atmosphere is equally integral to the experience. Whether guests come for a bridal shower, holiday office party, or a couple’s night out, Cascone’s provides the same attention to detail and hospitality. The restaurant can tailor their menu, décor, china, and service to suit special events.

The endurance of Cascone’s is a testament to the family’s hard work. “We’ve seen restaurants come and go. People depend on us,” adds Jimmy. “Customers want real people and a real environment.”

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