Afrique en Cirque is a highly colorful creation featuring a handful of amazing acrobats, and musicians, performing their authentic choreography to the frantic rhythms of djembes and other native instruments of Guinea.

To the melodious sound of the Kora, artistic director and company founder, Yamoussa Bangoura takes us into another realm that radiates the diversity of traditional African arts combined with the virtuosity of the North American modern circus performance.

“We want the audience to feel at home when they’re watching us, regardless of the venue.” -Yamoussa Bangoura, founder and artistic director.

Yamoussa began his professional career with the show, “La Légende du Singe Tambourinaire.” After being spotted in Spain with Cirque Éloize, he was recruited for the show Nomade, where he performed from 2002 to 2007.

In 2010 he joined the equestrian company, Cavalia, for the creation of the show Odysséo and toured with them until 2012, after which time he chose to focus on his own company.

Kalabanté Productions was created in 2007 by Yamoussa Bangoura, multidisciplinary artist of Guinean origin who always dreamed of founding a multidisciplinary circus school and forming his own company specializing in African arts. Kalabanté meaning “child go-getter, ambitious, with exceptional courage” in Susu language, carries a double mission: promoting the artistic cultures of African and humanitarian projects, while promoting cultural exchanges, between Canada and Guinea. Kalabanté’s highlighting of multiculturalism shows audiences that it is possible to be united in solidarity and to communicate and live together despite cultural differences.

Tickets start at $25.  To learn more, visit Purchase tickets here

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