Exhibit Sway Arts Event June 1 and June 2


An original dance performance by Exhibit Sway, in collaboration with artist Elijah Gowin

Performance/Exhibition Dates:

Friday, June 1st – Performances on the hour 6-9pm

Saturday, June 2nd – Rehearsals 12-2pm, Performances on the hour 2-4pm

La Esquina, 1000 W. 25th St. KCMO

Charlotte Street Foundation is pleased to present Exhibit Sway: In the Current, a live gallery performance collaboration of Exhibit Sway, a contemporary dance project, and Elijah Gowin, a visual artist and Charlotte Street Visual Artist Award Fellow.

Combining a display of photographic work by Gowin with live dance by Exhibit Sway, In the Current explores the human psyche and aspects of truth, life, and individualism.  Exhibit Sway dancers of the Kansas City Ballet are creating new works inspired by and relating to Gowin’s photographs during a three week workshop leading up to the performance.  During the performances/ exhibition, visitors are invited to walk through the gallery, absorbing different perspectives of movement as they relate to Gowin’s images.

Gowin’s photographs are from his recent “Playing Nature” series.  Combining scans of small backyard creatures with plastic debris, these dark and unsettling images juxtapose the organic and inorganic, and speak to the disjunctive relationship we often have with the natural world.  Taking their cue from the still life’s rumination on mortality and death, blackness and infinity appear in many ways.  Whether as rich black backgrounds in which these dislocated shards swim, or as visions of snow flake fields extending forever like expanding galaxies, Gowin’s images highlight the finite nature of humanity amid the daunting scale of the universe.

Curated by choreographer/dance Stayce Camparo, In the Current will feature contemporary dance created and performed by Kansas City Ballet dancers Stayce Camparo, Rachel Coates, Gabriel Davidsson, Logan Pachciarz, and Catherine Russell.


The mission of Exhibit Sway is to create gallery-based performances of original choreography that are inspired and shaped by collaboration with local artists and that re-imagine traditional roles of dancer and spectator.

Exhibit Sway experiments with creative perspective by creating gallery performances that embody choreographic exploration through conceptualized and improvised movement, evolving on a show-by-show basis.  Collaborations with various local artists shape and transform concepts and arouse deeper insight by offering a portal through which traditional roles of dancers and spectators are re-visioned. Exhibit Sway promotes creation among all artists and engagement among all art lovers by promoting the intrinsic value of art to the human psyche.

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