HACK.ART.LAB’s "You Complete Me" Opens Tonight

Charlotte Street Foundation’s Urban Culture Project is pleased to present
an exhibition of interactive audio and video installations by HACK.ART.LAB,
a Wichita, Kansas-based collective of artists, programmers, and engineers

+ Sneak Peak Under the Hood:
An Open House Event, Saturday, September 18, 12-5pm
Hack.Art.Lab and special guests, the Computer Cowtown Congress (CCCKC) hacker space, will teach visitors about the technical side of their projects through workshops and demos. At Paragraph, all welcome.
PARAGRAPH GALLERY / 23 E 12th Street, KCMO 64106
Exhibition runs through November 6, 2010
NEW! Expanded gallery hours:
12-5pm Wednesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays; 11-6pm Thursdays
You Complete Me is an exhibition of interactive audio and video installations by HACK.ART.LAB, a Wichita-based disciplinary collective comprised of artists, programmers and engineers. Members are Ann Resnick, Kristin Beal-DeGrandmont, John Harrison, Ivy Lanning, Lauren Hirsh, and Tom McGuire.
Through a series of audio and video installations, which also incorporate sculptural elements such as plastic flowers, found objects, glitter, water, motors, and glass jars, You Complete Me explores relationships between viewers and technology, and the role that cooperation plays in creative endeavors. Viewers are invited to be active collaborators in the creation of several interactive audio and video installations. While the pieces have their own internal logic, they also present infinite possibilities and enable viewers to share authorship as they influence outcomes.
Central to HAL’s work is the use of Pure Data (a real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing), so that the viewers can see exactly what impact they’re having on the patch and the audio. A GEM (graphical environment for multimedia) window tracks the movements of the viewer in real time and in a measured way, providing a tracing of their steps.
From Ghost in the Machine, which plays with viewers’ temporal and spatial perceptions
through a series of live, recorded and delayed playback using a webcam, Pd and a tv; to
June, Kristin Beal-DeGrandmont’s self-lit, modular, kinetic, relief sculpture that references the cinematic experience of riding in the car along Kansas highways; to Hello, Stranger, which creates a call from beyond one’s own address book to offer some surprising exchanges—the works by this multi-talented collective promise to create an immersive environment appealing to audiences of all ages and backgrounds, actively involving viewers in a process of learning and discovery.
HACK.ART.LAB is a Wichita, Kansas-based collaborative team of artists, educators, technologists and engineers that provides an environment for learning and exploration through nonconvention. By connecting professional and nonprofessional artists, technologists and youth, they explore learning models, then create projects offering new perspectives in art, technology, and society. HACK.ART.LAB strives to develop activities that encourage their natural curiosity and playfulness through creative engagement with science and technology. For more information, visit www.hackartlab.org. HACK.ART.LAB received funding for this exhibition from the Wichita Arts Council.
Urban Culture Project is an initiative of the Charlotte Street Foundation, an organization dedicated to making Kansas City a place where artists and art thrive. Urban Culture Project creates new opportunities for artists of all disciplines and contributes to urban revitalization by transforming spaces in downtown Kansas City into new venues for multi-disciplinary contemporary arts programming. For more information, visit www.charlottestreet.org.
Images below:
Ghost in the Machine (2 views), TV, Pd/pdp (Pure Data/Pure Data Packet), computer, webcam, rug;
Secret Garden (detail), 2005-2010, found plastic flowers, foam, microcontroller, light sensors, mp3 players, speakers, birdsong.

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