Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling: How to Cut Costs Where it Counts

After actually purchasing your Kansas City home, remodeling is the next big decision you’ll make for it. As costly as it can be, it can be doubly rewarding and life changing. Your dream kitchen is possible with our tried and true tips on how to cut costs where it counts.

Tip #1: Something Old/Something New

This old adage doesn’t just apply to weddings, although your relationship to your home as a marriage of sorts. Why not? You love your home and that’s why you’ve chosen to dive into your Kansas City kitchen remodeling project!

Instead of replacing, think about repainting or refinishing fixtures. And if you do decide some replacements must happen, then take some time to think about what specifically needs new life. Instead of a whole overhaul, maybe replace just the hardware. Instead of whole cabinets, maybe just replace the doors. You can also avoid unnecessary installer fees this way, by doing these smaller jobs yourself! And if you can work around your existing plumbing and keep it where it is, then you’ll save yourself thousands of dollars off the bat! Then, maybe, you can splurge a little on that new lighting you’ve been eyeing for the kitchen!

Tip #2: Open Shelving

Open shelving are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they’re less expensive then whole cabinet systems. You can finally show off your favorite dinnerware and heirlooms in your kitchen on your new floating shelves!

Tip #3: Think Affordable

Keep repeating in your head: affordable, affordable, affordable. If you keep that as your mantra, then there’s no reason you won’t be able to find affordable tile perfect for you! Because flooring can also a budget killer.

Be sure to arm yourself with a plan for your Kansas City Kitchen remodeling. But rest assured, you can always contact your local rep to learn how Windows Floors & Decor can save you hundreds of dollars on your project!

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