KCAI Gallery Opens at Grand Arts This Friday


The new Crossroads location will launch this Spring with Chromaphobia & Chromaphilia, two concurrent and thematically related alumni exhibitions sponsored by KCAI and organized by the KCAI Gallery and Director of Alumni Relations and Development, Marcus Cain (’98 painting and printmaking).

 Chromaphobia, guest curated by artist, business owner and KCAI alumna, Peregrine Honig (’98 painting and printmaking), features KCAI alumni whose works represent a literal and metaphoric absence of color relative to themes of identity, physical and psychic transformation, disappearance and re-emergence. Exhibiting alumni include Laura DeAngelis (’95 sculpture), Teri Frame (’05 ceramics & art history), Ben Harle (’12 ceramics & art history), Linda Lighton (’89 sculpture) in collaboration with Mark Southerland, Nathan Mabry (’01 ceramics), Nobuhito Nishigawara (’99 ceramics), Theodosia Pulitzer (’01 ceramics) and Armando Ramos (’99 ceramics).

 Chromaphilia, guest curated by James Martin, features KCAI alumni whose studio practice is largely influenced by the presence of color as it relates to themes of optical desire, color theory and spiritual transcendence. Exhibiting alumni include Cary Esser (’78 ceramics), Christian Holstad (’94 ceramics), Kahlil Irving (’15 ceramics), Deborah Kupinsky (’99 ceramics), Roberto Lugo (’12 ceramics), Lauren Mabry (’07 ceramics), Bobby Silverman (’80 ceramics) and Joey Watson (’14 ceramics).

MARCH 17 JUNE 3 @ 8:00 PM
1819 Grand Blvd.

Kansas City, MO 64108 United States

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