Lee’s Summit Arts Council – Join Us Thursday, July 30 at 6:30pm


The Lee’s Summit Arts Council promotes, develops, strengthens and advocates for the arts in Lee’s Summit. The Council is recognized for its success in cultivating arts of excellence, enhancing the quality of life of our citizens, and advancing economic and arts development through the arts in Lee’s Summit.

The Council supports and collaborates with Lee’s Summit arts organizations, artists, arts educators, and independent art programs to increase the public’s awareness, opportunities, and participation in the Arts.  The Council identifies the cultural arts to include, but does not limit it to, performing arts, music, visual arts, multimedia arts, literary arts, arts and crafts, folk art, and historic architecture/sites.

Please join us Thursday, July 30 at 6:30pm for the Opening Artist Reception of Jim Ware! Meet the artist, enjoy light refreshments and view his vibrant works of art displayed at the Gamber Community Center, located at 4 SE Independence Avenue in Lee’s Summit.

Art has been part of Jim’s Ware’s life since making watercolor paintings of his favorite Howdy Doody characters on newspaper in on the floor of his dining room at age 5. His artistic journey over the past ten years has been to select the final style that will be associated with him in his remaining years as an artist. His brush leans toward the impressionistic style more than any other. Althought he can work in oil and acrylics, he is concentrating on oils and acrylics, he is concentrating on acrylics at this time. Ware says, “Their faster drying time forces me to make decisions on the canvas rather than linger in one spot, as you can in oil, and overwork it. A spontaneous strike, in my mind, is the most interesting stroke in a painting.

See more of Ware’s work at the Opening Artist Reception at Gamber Community Center. More info at www.lsartscouncil.net.

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