Lighting Choices for Any Interior Design Style

There are thousands upon thousands of choices when it comes to light fixtures. If you have been shopping around and feel a bit overwhelmed let us be your guiding light (we refuse to apologize for that pun) in the world of light fixtures.

Find Your Style

The first thing you want to do is determine what type of light fixture best suits your interior design taste. Take a look at your room’s existing decor and pick out a few items you love. Are these items classic, modern, eclectic, or earthy and natural? This will determine what style of light fixture best fits your space.

Lighting Design for Homes with a Classic Design

A person with a classic design taste tends to have a lot of navy, cream, and tan hues in their home. Classic decor is subdued and comforting, nothing too shocking will be found in a home that bodes a classic style.

Lighting Choices for Classically Designed Homes

Wall sconces, floor lamps, and lamps with silk shades within the color scheme of the room are suggested for this design style.

Lighting for Modern Homes

People with a taste for modern design enjoy minimalism and strong clean lines. The colors in a modern home tend to be neutral with greys and whites. This design style makes up for its stark color palette with visually interesting geometric shapes. Ornate designs and bold colors are usually not found in a home that has a modern interior design. Light fixtures are a good place to show.

Lighting Choices for Modern Homes

Large geometric lighting suspended from the ceiling that makes a statement and brushed metal arc floor lamps are our choices for a more modern home.

Lighting Choices for Those with an Eclectic Design Taste

Those who have an eclectic design taste usually enjoy unique items that make a bold statement. These people have no fear when it comes to decor which allows them to use pieces that simply wouldn’t work in most homes. Pieces usually consist of bright fabrics, ornate patterns, or statement pieces they have collected over time.

Lighting Choices for Eclectic Homes

Chandeliers, gold sconces, and lamps with bold shades tend to work well with eclectic design.

Earthy and Natural Design Taste

A home that has an earthy and natural decor uses colors that occur in nature; think browns, creams, airy blues, and greens. These homes also tend to have a lot of plants instead of busy decor items.

Lighting Choices for Earthy and Natural Homes

You don’t want light fixtures and lamps to distract from the beautiful plant life in these spaces. Keep lighting subdued and use bulbs that are not too bright or harsh. We suggest floor lamps with shades made of natural materials and wood bases. We also recommend you put in a ceiling fan with large blades to keep your place cool without using artificial air conditioning.

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