Poetry and literature come in handy for MET at the Warwick Theatre

Mrs. Reece from Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology says… “To this generation I would say: Memorize some bit of verse of truth or beauty. It may serve a turn in your life.”

No kidding.

Stepping into the ashes of the burned Warwick Theatre on the morning of Feb. 7, William Henley’s words from Invictus came unbidden into my head. “Out of the night that covers me, Black as the Pit from Pole to Pole, I thank whatever gods may be for my unconquerable soul.” Memorized in Mrs. Jones’ ninth grade English class, they have come in handy these days. A fire that burned 800-1,000 degrees does a lot of damage.

Now, planning is underway for the new season and repairs are underway. Always capable and nimble by practice, MET’s signature style adapts to all kinds of spaces, making it possible to stay on track. If someone tells you MET is dead and the Warwick is closed—don’t believe it. “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” –Mark Twain

Challenges persist, yet we keep going because quitting isn’t an option and it offers opportunity for growth and rebuilding. Thank you, Kansas City, for all your encouragement, real hands-on help and supporting gifts. You make us brave. Fire recovery is underway. MET will open in September, at home in the Warwick? We can’t tell yet. But either way, you can count on us for a season of great plays, masterworks and classics. For info, to volunteer or to help, visit www. metkc.org or call 816-569-3226.

The Warwick and her intrepid tribe are working to reopen as soon as possible. Rebuilding a historic landmark is no easy task, but MET is doing just that. Out of the ashes, soot and darkness, MET staff, board, artists and philanthropic community members, businesses and organizations rally to keep the company going, finishing the season successfully, saving costumes, props, and treasured antiques through elbow grease and ingenuity. We are still at it and planning for the future. Thank you, Maya Angelou, for all your lessons too. “Still, I rise.”

All that literature, reading and poetry come in handy these days. Art is like that.

–Karen Paisley, Producing Artistic Director, photography by J.Robert Paisley

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