The Anatomy of a Breach: Lessons from SolarWinds

On November 3, Tim Brown joins the Linda Hall Library to discuss the details of this critical event, the lessons learned, and how it has shaped the future of cybersecurity.

In 2020, the sophisticated security breach at SolarWinds, a Texas-based network software company, was a pivotal global event that set in motion changes to how we think about cybersecurity, about cooperation between public and private entities, about our adversaries, and about how a response to a global event can be managed.

Tim Brown joined SolarWinds in 2017, and as the Chief Information Security Officer for SolarWinds, he oversees internal IT security, product security, and security strategy. After the SUNBURST attack in December 2020, Tim led the response and remediation efforts. He has spoken to thousands of customers and has been instrumental in all customer remediation support and services. Tim has worked closely with the SolarWinds CEO in designing the future state of security and their “Secure by Design” philosophy. This new philosophy on software design will not only benefit SolarWinds but the industry as a whole, and it sets a precedent for responses to future cyberattacks.

As a former Dell Fellow and CTO, Tim deeply understands the challenges and aspirations of the person responsible for driving digital innovation and change. He has over 25 years of experience in the IT security industry, and his trusted advisor status has taken him from meeting with members of Congress and the Senate to the Situation Room in the White House. Tim is also an avid inventor and holds 18 issued patents on security-related topics.

This program will be presented in-person at the Linda Hall Library as well as virtually. Registration can be found at LindaHall.org.

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