The Right Color for Your Kitchen

A lot of us have heard at least one of the rules that come with painting your kitchen like “Stay away from orange or you will be in there eating all day!” Right now the trend is to keep paint colors on the light and muted. These colors help open up the kitchen and give a clean, modern appearance. Using muted colors also allows you to be bolder with cabinet colors, backsplashes, rugs, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the top colors for kitchens this year.

White and Cream Colors in Smaller Kitchens

We know that white and cream colors can seem drab, but these are actually great colors to use in smaller kitchens. These shades open up the room and give the illusion of more space. Using white and cream paint colors also let you be more creative with other decor elements in your kitchen because they can coordinate with any shade.

Light Shades of Blue and Green

Maybe you have white cabinets and want to add a little color to your kitchen walls. Light shades of blue and green can still make a kitchen looking open and airy while adding a little punch of color. We suggest keeping furniture neutral and picking out decor elements in a coordinating color. If you decide to go with light blue, bright citrus colored vases and knickknacks are a fun coordinating addition to the room. If you go with a light green, try accents in Pantone’s color of the year Ultraviolet.

Try a Muted Teal in Larger Kitchens

If you have a large kitchen, we suggest going with a deep muted teal color. This will add intimacy to a larger space and put off a comforting yet trendy vibe. We love this color with brushed brass fixtures and light grey accents. If you have a smaller stark kitchen, you can use this shade sparingly on an accent wall to add some color without making the room appear smaller.

Grey can Coordinate with Everything

Grey is such a versatile color and great for people who don’t want white or cream as their wall color. Choose a lighter shade if you have a smaller kitchen and a deeper shade for larger kitchens. You can coordinate almost any color with grey, and it will not clash. This is a great color to choose if you already love all of the furniture and accents in your kitchen, but want to change up your wall color.

Light Lilac Adds a Feminine Touch

This suggestion is not for everybody, but light lilac is a great choice for those who like a more feminine look in their space. A light enough shade can be used in a kitchen of any size and act as a neutral. We do suggest staying away from purple and red accents, but every other color will go nicely with this purple shade

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