Visit The 49th Annual Symphony Designers’ Showhouse and Support Youth Programs

This year will mark By The Blade’s 7th consecutive year as the landscape designer for the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse.  Open to the public for tours April 21 to May 14, area designers donate their time and materials in exchange for an opportunity to showcase their talents and support a great cause – the Kansas City Symphony and its youth programs.

This year’s Showhouse, located at 455 West 56th Street, Kansas City, Mo., was once occupied by Gilmer and Dorothea Simson Meriwether.  Gilmer, a relation to Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame, alongside his wife, worked with the Jackson County Historical Society to erect a Battle of Westport Civil War marker in their front yard.  The marker tells of the action of October 23, 1864 when the Battle of Westport was fought in and around present day Loose Park.

By The Blade’s design areas include both the front yard and an outdoor reflection garden.  A variety of 2,000 magnificent tulips add a rainbow of color to the grand colonial estate.  In addition, stone edging, a variety of plants, to include colorful annuals and rhododendrons, are placed throughout the front landscape to provide aesthetic layers of color throughout all seasons.  A flagstone seating area with decorative stone benches offer visitors a place to relax and enjoy the home’s outdoor tranquility.

Spring is a time for rejuvenation, and a reflection garden is the perfect oasis in which to retreat, relax and enjoy this grand home’s outdoor courtyard.  The quiet, dedicated space offers respite from the hectic sensory overload of our modern world – a place free of distraction where daily visits foster solace, balance and inner peace.  Accessible by a stately iron gate or interior French doors, this outdoor reflection garden is enriched by natural sunlight that nourishes one’s state of being.  The echoes of water, bubbling in the fountain and rippling in the sun provides peace and inspiration within the space.  And, side-by-side hammocks shaded by a canopy of trees, enable couples to unwind and engage in meaningful conversation surrounded by nature’s most tranquil tones.  Time spent in a beautiful reflection garden, taking a break from the daily grind, and pausing to enjoy the gifts of Mother Nature nurtures the spirit like nothing else.

By The Blade has been designing and building custom outdoor living spaces, to include landscapes, hardscapes, swimming pools and spas, for Kansas City’s finest homes and families for over 20 years.  Find solace in luxury outdoor living.  Call them today for a complimentary consultation.

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