Why You Should Consider Carpet Binding

What is Carpet Binding?

Carpet binding services are a way that you can use carpet remnants to create custom rugs for the home. The technique will fuse carpet pieces together to create a larger piece that can be moved into any room of your choosing. New rugs can be pretty pricey, so by using remnants, you can save money and have a new rug in your home. Read on to learn about the benefits of carpet binding.

You Get to Choose Your Size

Being able to choose what size you want your rug to be allows you to customize it to specifically fit your space. Some rugs you see in stores have multiple size options, but they are not always well suited for the area you are working with. Work with your design professional to find what size of rug would look best in your home!

Customize Your Pattern and Texture

This is where the fun starts. With carpet binding you have a little more creative freedom than you would buying a rug off the rack. Choosing your pattern and texture allow you to let your personality shine through and coordinate your new rug to your current decor.

Save Some Cash

Rugs are expensive. If you need a surplus of them for a new home, you may have to take out a second mortgage. Carpet binding gives you a lower cost option because of the binding of lower cost items.

Have Durable Carpeting That Lasts

Pieces of higher quality carpeting are bonded together to create an affordable and durable piece for your high traffic areas.

A Sustainable Solution

When you choose carpet binding services, you are effectively reducing the amount of waste in the environment. A large amount of carpeting ends up wasting away in landfills. Most people are unaware of carpet binding services and just toss out perfectly good carpet. You reduce waste and help cut down on the fossil fuels used to create new rugs.

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