You Are the CEO for Your Family. Who is Your CFO?

Jon McGraw (Photo by Angela Bond)

As wealth grows, life becomes more complex. Many successful people are challenged to find the time to both properly manage wealth and focus on their interests and passions. That’s why Buttonwood Financial Group exists. Our primary goal is to simplify the financial process for individuals and families that would like to protect and grow their money.

We ask, what if, like a business, you could have your own Chief Financial Officer? This is the role we fulfill for families every day! As your Family CFO we focus on the creation, implementation and ongoing strategy in your financial life.

In addition to the $350 million of investment assets we directly manage for more than 320 families, we oversee financial strategy on additional client assets exceeding $500 million. We have five primary areas we focus on when designing a specific plan for your future. First, we will protect what you have. Wealth protection methods are designed to ensure assets last beyond your lifetime, impacting multiple generations. Second, we grow your portfolio using institutional level approaches to produce a more consistent rate of return over economic cycles. Third, we implement ongoing strategy to mitigate income taxes and maximize cash flow. Fourth, we benefit your heirs by optimizing your estate and understanding your family wealth transfer desires. Fifth, we ensure you have retirement peace of mind by working with you to determine optimal cash flows for your desired lifestyle. In addition, we assist many of our clients with realizing unique charitable, business and multigenerational planning outcomes. While these are the core areas we focus on, we have time-tested systems, processes and breadth of experience to address unique financial needs. At Buttonwood, we provide peace of mind.

Our genuine interest in the lives of our clientele is proven through our detailed communications and our holistic approach to unique strategy execution. In concurrence with many of our clients, we are dedicated to supporting the arts, education and many charitable causes, allowing us to fulfill our philanthropic passions. With our commitment to long-lasting relationships with clientele and community, you’ll find our dedication unmatched in the industry.

For readers interested in taking the next step to a simplified financial life, our Team is regularly interviewed for the role of Family CFO.

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–Jon McGraw, President, Buttonwood Financial Group

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