Celebrate the Seasons! Friday, April 29 at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, 8:00 p.m.

Bruce Sorrell conducting the Kansas City Chamber Orchestra

Bruce Sorrell conducting the Kansas City Chamber Orchestra

Of all the thousands of Baroque concertos in all the concert halls across the world why is the Le Quattro StagioneThe Four Seasons so popular? Both a historic and modern hit – especially popular in 18th century France – it was only rediscovered and brought back to light in 1947, and has been a favorite ever since inspiring many modern spinoffs. With its clear and tuneful music and the story that goes with each concerto through the accompanying sonnets, it is unique – and the fact that it includes incredible music for the soloists – so varied in each “season” is truly what makes it so exciting every time you hear it live .

Come experience this blockbuster a new with four different soloists – and read more below about the wonderful Mozart symphony and Jessie Montgomery piece that round out the evening. Don’t miss Kansas City Chamber Orchestra’s 35th season finale celebration!

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Celebrate the Seasons!

Friday, April 29, 8:00 p.m., Pre-concert talk 7:00 p.m
Bruce Sorrell, Conductor

Program: Jessie Montgomery — Strum
W.A. Mozart — Symphony No. 25 in G minor
A. Vivaldi — The Four Seasons
Violin soloists: Laurel Gagnon, David Horak, Igor Khukhua, Ilkhom Mukhiddinov

Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, 13th and Broadway, KC, 8:00 p.m., pre-concert talk 7:00 p.m.

“Turbulent, wildly colorful and exploding with life, ‘Strum’ sounded like a handful of American folk melodies tossed into a strong wind, cascading and tumbling joyfully around one another.” –Washington Post

“But there’s something about Symphony No. 25 that is truly gripping, that helps it stand out from the rest, … Many critics regard this as one the moments when Mozart transformed from entertainer to artist – from wunderkind to great composer.” –Shari Mathias, Parker Symphony Orchestra

Written when he was only 17, Mozart’s Symphony No. 25 is written in the dramatic “Sturm and Drang” style that may have been inspired by Haydn, and the first movement was used for the opening of the movie Amadeus. Since Beethoven knew the symphony well, it is thought that a theme in the final movement may have inspired the 3rd movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony! Listen at the link above for a sneak peek, and read more about Jessie Mongomery HERE.

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