Editor’s Letter, January/February 2020

KC Studio editor Alice Thorson, photo by Mark Berndt.

These are challenging times for print publications. KC Studio would not be viable without the support of our loyal consortium and emerging arts partners, as well as the many wonderful Kansas City foundations that enable us to continue to thrive.

Just as important are the many, many individuals who contribute varying amounts that help keep us going. They include artists, arts professionals and a multitude of arts enthusiasts, who share KC Studio’s belief in the vital role the arts play in society and the importance of serious arts coverage.

It is immeasurably gratifying to read the long list of names in every issue of people who support this publication. For the staff at KC Studio, there is nothing more heartening than seeing this affirmation of what we do.

KC Studio’s supporters are not content with the familiar, but have proven themselves open to serious and sometimes difficult art. They appreciate critics and writers who are committed to engaging with content, i.e., what artists are saying and how that relates to issues and events in the larger world.

In contrast, many in the broader culture see art primarily as entertainment and decoration, a source of status or investment. But those prisms sideline the important role artists play in grappling with what is going on in a society, critiquing it, reflecting it back at us, examining problems and pointing a
way out.

Artists also have their ear to the ground — what Marshall McLuhan once called “a radar environment” — and are able to sense what’s coming and help prepare us for transforming developments in technology, science and the environment as well as social shifts.

Covering these important dimensions is KC Studio’s mandate. We are so fortunate to have such a talented roster of experts able to meet this challenge, and just as importantly, readers and supporters who value it.

Thank you.

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Alice Thorson

Alice Thorson is the editor of KC Studio. She has written about the visual arts for numerous publications locally and nationally.

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