Arts in Brief: KC Fringe Names New Executive Director

Audrey Crabtree (photo by Micah Thompson)

In February, KC Fringe Festival announced its new executive director, Audrey Crabtree.

Crabtree grew up in Kansas City and is an award-winning producer, actor and director. She founded and ran the international NY Clown Theatre Festival for 10 years and was with Artica in St. Louis for two years as program director.

Additionally, she is a longtime Fringe participant herself, as performer, producer and patron in New York, Minneapolis, San Francisco and St. Louis. Her work has also been featured in the Dublin and Perth Fringe Festivals.

“I’m inspired every time I see a show. I love to watch artists in their career and their growth,” said Crabtree in KC Fringe’s get-to-know-Audrey video. “I love to go to museums, listen to music. I’m inspired every single day by nature. I’m really excited to meet everyone and dig in and get to meet all the artists who are coming to our festival.”

KC Fringe’s previous executive director and founder, Cheryl Kimmi, remains with the organization, stepping into a new role as development director, and she will assist in the transition. For more information visit www.kcfringe.org.

Libby Hanssen

Originally from Indiana, Libby Hanssen covers the performing arts in Kansas City. She is the author of States of Swing: The History of the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra, 2003-2023. Along with degrees in trombone performance, Libby was a Fellow for the NEA Arts Journalism Institute at Columbia University. She maintains the culture bog "Proust Eats a Sandwich."

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