Chalk Walk in Historic North East Kansas City, April 25th and 26th

Who does the the Chalk Walk benefit?

The Chalk Walk in Historic North East Kansas City benefits Kansas City by reviving a much revered and accessible public art form and festival that in turn benefits youth most in need of arts and culture programs as an alternative to high risk behaviors.

Chalk Walk benefits the Historic Northeast Neighborhoods by creating a festival that focuses on the strengths of this diverse community rich in culture. Much of the Northeast like Kansas City is segregated into ethnic areas with mixed groups bordering them. The Chalk Walk festival will bring these groups together in a unified celebration and in turn entice many people in and around the Greater Kansas City metro area into this growing neighborhood. It is also an opportunity to unite the six distinct neighborhoods and expose Kansas City to the rich architecture, abundant parks and diverse people.

The Event Date is: April 25th and 26th.

To be part of a great event please singup and print off this application: http://media.wix.com/ugd/51b881_1a7754cfd98e4159a78b9394d902d806.pdf

Any Questions Contact Rebecca at BeckyKoop@aol.com or visit northeastartskc.org/

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