“Tech Topics” Technology Classes Aimed at Boomers


EDITOR’S DISCLAIMER … This post is a benefit to others who might have an older parent in need of some technological help so here you go.

What about the people who didn’t grow up with a computer in front of them?

Shepherd’s Center Central has invited Metropolitan Community College, Kansas City Public Library, Google Fiber, and a number of computer-savvy individuals from around the area to present a series called “Tech Topics”, aimed specifically at adults aged 50+.

The classes, 50 minutes in length, will be held at 10 a.m. Fridays from June 28 to August 31st, at Central United Methodist Church, 5144 Oak Street.

Shepherd’s Center Central’s Adventures in Learning program is launching this 10-week series after the success of a few computer-themed classes last winter. There is a real hunger for technical knowledge, particularly among older baby boomers whose jobs don’t (or didn’t) involve computers.  They can get on the internet or email, but then what?

A few of the topics: “Computer Viruses-Fight Back,” “From Camera to Computer,” “Linked In,” and “Searching the Internet Safely.”

In addition, information will be provided about free computer resources around the Kansas City area offered by Metropolitan Community College, Kansas City Public Library, and others.

The cost for all ten programs is only $15. Attendees can choose whichever courses interest them.

Pre-registration is not required. For more information contact Shepherd’s Center Central, 816-444-1121.

Kellie Houx

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