How to Spot Bad Carpet Installation from a Mile Away

If you’re about to be the proud new owner of freshly-installed carpets in your Olathe home, then congratulations! You might think all the work is done once the carpet installer says he’s done, but not all carpet installation companies are the same. And you want to have high hopes that your Olathe carpet installer did the job right…right? Well, don’t let them leave your home before you’ve gone through our list of tips for spotting a bad carpet installation from a mile away:

Trust Your Own Eye

That’s right. Give your new home carpet a good looking-over yourself. Check to see if the “carpet nap” is heading in one direction. And verify that the carpet is attached securely to the tack strips. How does the carpet look to your naked eye?

Look For Wrinkles or Folds

If installed right, the carpet should have no wrinkles or folds, and look smoothly pristine. But if you do happen to find a wrinkle, then step on it. If it disappears then there’s nothing to worry about. But if it doesn’t and pops right back up after you’ve removed your foot, then that’s a bad sign.

Say No To Loose Edges

Whether the edges of your carpet meet walls or doorways or stairs, a well-installed carpet should have no loose edges. Your new carpet should be attached securely to their tack strips as well. Gaps or frayed edges are unacceptable.

A Good Stretch Is Key

If you run your hand over the carpet and it doesn’t feel stretched taut, then you may be a victim of bad carpet installation. Try laying down on your stomach and getting eye-level with the carpet. You should see smooth carpeting and no buckles or ripples at all. Another good tip is to simply vacuum the carpet and ensure the carpet stays in place.

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