Chocolate Thoughts: Why Grandmother?


This is a celebration of GRANDS … where would we be without them? … Not on this earth … (that’s where.) This might be “taking it to the extreme” … think about it. My grandfather is one of my greatest teachers to date. His lessons for me about getting up to watch the morning sun remain with me … he died in 1997, it was a sad day for me although joyful because he was a service man! He came to me in a dream and he said to me “be a good boy … ” and that has lived with me. My grandmother left us in 2012; she lived to 98! A praying woman … she prayed for ALL of her children and she taught me how to make an AMAZING lasagna … on earth ­- a woman of faith.

As we race around in our lives these days through gadgets and gizmos… remember the people that have lived prior to those “things”; they were there for us in so many ways … they helped to pick us up when we were down … they helped to blaze a path for us into our adulthood … they helped to remind us of when of being children … through the “best” and the “worst” times … and that is a blessing.

This is a story about our “GRANDS …” thank you for all that you have done, do and will do … I am hoping that I will honor your name: Mary (my grandmother) and Joseph (my grandfather) you are always in my heart … and that is the reason WHY I am.

I interviewed a good friend and SISTA to me … Mary Moore, an amazing “GRAND”; I asked her a simple question … “Why?”

“Why?” She said, “Thinking on why …? It has been in my heart space and processing … I believe it is a VERY important word … I think that it is THE most important word when it comes to … “purposefulness” “to purpose” and WHY … is a word that one MUST always ask of one’s own self for whatever action and movement of one’s own feet … the use of one’s own time. It’s value and how much value is placed in whatever space one might be inside of … It will ALWAYS carry you forward through the FIRE, through challenges when confronted at different points when you can answer from your heart’s calling …” She then flipped the word”… Y.H.W. = Your Heart’s Way.

I say AMEN Grandmother … Amen.
The words of a wise woman …
Mother Moses.

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